Friday, March 8, 2013

"This is the shock of recognition of all global hipsters!!

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Georgakas was a founding member of Black Mask - Weissner was a member of Georgakas' Creative Vandals group as well as the publisher of the still underappreciated Panic Press, the imprint under which which this manifesto was published. The format and printing of the book differ from the other Panic Press products, or for that matter any other books I've seen from the period. The text is dittoed, rather than mimeographed, on thin and fragile orange paper. The faintness of the ditto printing almost seems fetishized, placed in stark contrast to the stark silkscreen portraits, two of which are place within the text. 

The manifesto takes the form of a dialogue, largely between Weissner and Georgakas. "This is the shock of recognition of all global hipsters!! ..: This Is The Intergalactic-Supernebulae-Beyond-Timespace-UBER-Everythingkeit : GEIST!!! the word. . . "

Georgakas, Dan & Carl Weissner, Frederike Poessnecker. Manifesto for the Grey Generation. Heidelberg: PANic, 1966. First edition. Oblong 4to, dittoed and silkscreened pages stab-stapled and tape bound. illustrated with two internal silkscreens in addition to the cover silkscreen. Some almost imperceptible smudging to cover, else fine. SOLD. Inquire

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