Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Division Leap #2

This video shows an intrepid visitor to to the Division Leap exhibition at the 2010 New York Art Book Fair tearing up a copy of the second issue of our periodical Division Leap. 

The second issue of Division Leap consisted of a series of submissions, including multiples, collages, text pieces, or page interventions, hosted in 76 appropriated and rubberstamped host volumes, each of which is different. As the pagination of each host volume also varied, the only constant was the order of works throughout the body of each book.

Contributors included Thurston Moore, Ray DiPalma, Stephen Lapthisophon, Jim Clinefelter, Sue Tintinger, Clea Davis, Jinn Bronwen Lee, Robert Dewhurst, Kate Schaefer, and Adam Davis. Limited to 50 numbered copies, with 26 lettered copies for contributors.

This series of photographs documents a not yet torn up copy in sequence.

Adam Davis

Title page

Jinn Bronwen Lee

Table of Contents

Thurston Moore
The Indefatigable Jim Clinefelter
Adam Davis
Sue Tintinger
Ray DiPalma

Stephen Lapthisophon

Kate Schaefer     

Clea Davis
Kate Schaefer and Adam Davis

The third issue of Division Leap will be an exhibition. Stay tuned for more details. . .